Example Toasts

Toasts in Other Languages

There may be occasions when you find yourself in another country, drinking in a bar with people who don't necessarily speak your language. In that case, the universal language is a smile, a raised glass, and the local equivalent of "Cheers" or "Your Health."

Foreign Toasts with Correct Spelling

Dutch: Prosit!

French: A Votre Sante!

German: Prost!

Hawaiian: Okole Maluna!

Hebrew: L'Chaim!

Irish: Sláinte!

Italian: Salute!

Norwegian/Swedish: Skål!

Portuguese: Saúde!

Spanish: Salud!

Foreign Toasts with Phonetic Spelling

Afrikaans: Gesondheid!

Arabic: Fisehatak!

Chinese: Gan Bei!

Greek: Jamas!

Japanese: Kampai!

Korean: Chukbae!

Russian: Budem Zdorovy!

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