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Groom Wedding Toast

My Best Man Matt is about to give his speech, and before he does, I thought I would take a moment to preemptively disavow all the slanderous lies he plans to say about me.

Actually, though, I wanted to thank everyone who has come out to celebrate the day with us today, including my grandparents, Jim and Nadine, who flew in from Maine, and Mandy's great-aunt, Maureen, who is here from Nova Scotia. We'd also like to say a prayer of thanks for my wonderful father Jonathon and Mandy's grandmother Natalie, who we know are with us in spirit.

The stunning bridesmaids to my left, Gina, Rachel and Jenny, did a fantastic job helping with the decorations, music selection, general assistance, and caring for that dress that nearly knocked me flat when I saw it today. They did a wonderful job. As did my groomsmen, Danny, Blake and Tim, who kept me upright on the altar.

Certainly I want to thank my mother Marie and my step-father Tom, as well as my new in-laws, Ken and Paula, for being such wonderful pillars of support during this exciting and busy time.

Mostly, though, I want to thank my new wife, Amanda Alice Smith, and raise a toast to her: For looking so beautiful today, and every day. For being the one thing, in this room full of wonderful people and gorgeous decorations, that I can't take my eyes off of. And most of all, for agreeing to marry me.

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