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Father of Groom Wedding Toast

As the father of the groom, I believe that it's my job during this speech to talk about how beautiful� my wife, Laura, is.

No, but the bride is stunning, and Laura and I are so excited to welcome her into our family. I would like to thank her, as well as Jennifer's parents, Harriet and Lionel, for working so hard to put together this beautiful reception.

I've wanted a lot of things for my son, David, over the years, and I've been proud of all of his accomplishments, like law school and volunteer firefighting. Sometimes it's been a disappointment, though. I wanted him to go to my alma mater; he went to Notre Dame instead. I wanted him to live near the house; he moved to the East Coast. But one thing I've always been sure about is that he would marry a wonderful, beautiful woman, and in that he didn't disappoint.

I've known since the moment I met her that Jennifer would be a perfect partner for David and wonderful addition to the family. When David told me he was going to propose I asked him what took so long, but I would have asked him the same question two years ago. David, Jennifer, you are going to have a beautiful, blessed life together. Don't ask me how I know these things; a father can always tell.

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