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Toast After Death


It is with great sorrow that I must gather everyone's attention in order to raise a glass to those who are no longer with us. In particular, I would like to propose a toast to Aunt Margaret, whose passing we are mourning today.

Aunt Margaret was a loving woman who never hesitated to give the last penny in her purse to someone in need. No one could ever say that she did not put forth her kindest face. And now, that kind spirit has been taken from us to lie in her grave with so many before her.

But let us find solace in the fact that Aunt Margaret is not alone in that other realm. She is walking with her heroes, Jane Austen and Princess Diana. She is dining at the table of her friends who went before her, like Jane Gray and Jill Black from Chicago. And she is reunited with the love of her life, Uncle Jimmy, who was taken from us but a year ago.

Aunt Margaret, wherever you are, I hope you can feel the warm wishes of those you left behind. We look forward to the day we can all drink together once again. To Aunt Margaret!

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