Example Toasts

Common Toasts for Weddings


While a long toast by a best man, father, or maid of honor is common at a wedding, some people also offer quick good wishes in the form of toasts to the newlyweds. These toasts should be as short as possible, and are typically sentimental rather than funny. Not everyone is quick witted enough to come up with these on the spot, but thankfully you can simply remember some of the common toasts for weddings below:

To the bride and groom: if ever I have seen love, there it stands.

To the bride and groom: may your love wrap around you like your wedding rings.

To the new husband and lovely new wife, may you have happiness, health, and life.

A toast to your happily ever after: may your fairy tale last all your days.

Congratulations to the bride and groom! May your family grow and your love bloom.

Let us raise our glasses to the bride and groom. May you have a long and happy marriage.

To you both: you have been our joy for ages, so may the ages bless you with more joy.

To the bride and groom: may you stay as happy as you are today for as long as you both shall live.

Let us toast to the light of love in the eyes of the newlyweds.

To the young lovers: may your future challenges be lifted by all those in attendance today, that never you may find a burden too heavy to bear.

May the tides of your love be caught upon the shore, and in each rocky pool await the return of better days.

In addition to these toasts, you can also pilfer lines from poems, movies, and literature. Using poetic lines is typically considered an elegant type of toast, particularly when attributed to the correct poet or author. Shakespeare is a common source for toasts, but other poets can be used as well. Every person attending a wedding should have several of these one-line toasts tucked away in their memories just in case they are called on to give a toast. This is a particularly important preparatory measure for a rehearsal dinner, as these toasts are common at this type of gathering.

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