Example Toasts

Class Reunion Toast

I can't possibly make just one toast to such a fine, diverse group of people, so please allow me to make several:

To the jocks-you didn't wear that commemorative class ring once after you go to college, did you? Was it really worth it? To the glory days!

To the nerds-I'm pretty sure at least one of you now pays my salary and several of you own a few state senators, so may I just say that you are all looking lovely tonight. To life after high school!

To the emo/goth/punk/rockers-I sincerely pray that your children have seen the pictures of you from high school. To the next generation of crazy fashions!

To the whatevers, the inbetweeners, and the generally indifferent-at least we got through it. To better days!

Finally, to the teachers-we are so sorry!


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