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Boss Toast


I would like to propose a toast to our boss, Mr. Green, and thank him for this wonderful company party. I'm sure we'll be finding confetti in the stairs for the next six months, but it'll always remind us of your generosity.

This year has been a particularly challenging year, even under Mr. Green's strong leadership. We suffered like all businesses under the economic downturn. But I really believe that it was Mr. Green's cheerful attitude and relentless commitment to excellence that has kept us afloat even with the company's future in doubt.

It was Mr. Green who proposed many of the budget cuts that kept us all employed this year. It was Mr. Green who took a salary cut in order to keep our benefits intact. And it was Mr. Green who stayed late every night during January, when things were hardest, helping with inventory and reeling in new customers.

So, as our dear Mr. Green always says, let's keep on trucking but not forget to check our rear view mirrors. None of us are really sure what you mean by that, Mr. Green, but it's always encouraging to hear because it means that you're taking charge.

To Mr. Green! The best boss we've ever had.

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