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Bon Voyage Toast


May I have everyone's attention for a moment please? I would like to take a moment to wish our dear friends, Jack and Jill Johnson, a safe and exciting adventure on their cruise around the world. Jack and Jill have always talked about sailing the seven seas, and I'm glad I can be here to wish you both a good trip.

I know we've come together today to reflect on your future, but for just a moment I'd like to take a look into your past. You've been together for 49 years, and you'll be celebrating your 50th anniversary at sea. If I may be so bold, this is exactly where I would hope you would be: together, in your favorite place in the world, watching the land and water pass you by.

I remember twenty years ago when you bought that little canoe to paddle around on the Minnesota Lakes. Then fifteen years ago when you bought the sailboat. And then ten years ago when you brought the mini-yacht into our lives-remember how we all called it the Kipper of Doom because of the smell?-bringing us to today, with all the boats gone and a great journey about to begin.

So, even though you won't be the captains of your ship, I hope you will still find happiness wherever it takes you: Belize, Rome, and China! And I hope you'll learn how to use email while you're on board so you can send us all pictures.

Bon voyage, Jack and Jill! May your journey be peaceful and the waters calm.

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