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Bat Mitzvah Toast

It doesn't seem possible that we're celebrating your bat mitzvah today. Partially because I can't believe I'm old enough to have a 13-year-old daughter. Partially because I really thought I'd be more prepared for having a teenager in the house.

But mostly because I am astounded by what a brilliant, witty, dedicated woman you are becoming. Your devotion in coming to temple, helping the younger children practice their Yiddish, becoming team leader in after-school soccer, all of these things make me so proud of you. You have prioritized the important things and you always strive to do the best job you can at everything you try.

It seems only right that today should be about you and your wonderful journey into adulthood. Everyone here loves you and everyone is proud.

You can measure your worth in life by looking at your impact on your friends, your family and your community. I know that my life has more worth just by watching the beautiful young woman you've become.

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