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Bar Mitzvah Toast

I remember the day we found out we were having a boy. I remember thinking, "Oh my, this is going to be exhausting." I had heard that boys were active and wild and charming and devious and energetic and impatient.

Well, Daniel, the rumors about little boys were true. You were definitely all of those things, from T-ball at age four to breaking the back window when you were seven. But the older you got, the more I began to realize how much more there is to having a son.

You have always been creative and energetic, but you have also cultivated incredible thoughtfulness, patience, compassion and devotion. Your dedication to improving your spirituality, your involvement in the community and your pursuit of academic skills make me proud to be your mother.

So I see you here today and I realize that you are not a boy anymore. A boy is what you start as and a man is what you work to become. Today you are a man.

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