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Baby Blessing Toast


I would like to propose a toast to this brand new baby, Beth, who has brought her parents Jack and Jill so much joy. Beth, everyone here has so many happy thoughts and wishes for you. We can only hope that you will find as much joy in life as we wish for you.

We wish that you may you grow up happy.

We wish that you will never face a challenge you are unable to conquer.

We wish that your eyes will see wonders of which your parents could only dream.

We wish that you will find comfort but not grow dull with life.

We wish that every day will bring you new friends and new ideas.

We wish that all your dreams will come true in life, and that you will find satisfaction in everything you do.

And, most of all, we wish that someday you will find a love as great as the love that brought you into this world.

Let us raise our glasses to baby Beth and all that she may accomplish in her life. To Beth's future!

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