Example Toasts

Anniversary Toast


I would like to propose a toast to the happy couple.

I do not need to remind the people here of how happy you have been, or the love that you have shown one another. Your 50 years of marriage-50 years!-has more than demonstrated your capacity for love and longevity. So instead, I would like remind the people here today of what your love has been through in order to get here today.

Your love has lasted a tornado, a war, the death of a child, and the birth of many grandchildren. Your love has been to Chicago, to Amsterdam, to London, and to Rome. Your love has lived in sorrow and joy, and in debt and wealth. Your love has raised gardens, horses, and many of the people standing here today.

And what surprises me, though I know it should not, is that none of these challenges has ever depleted your love. Instead, your love has flourished on this tundra like the grasses of the plains: it will not die even when burned. It blankets everything we see.

So, a toast to you and your endless love. May every attempt to burn it down bring it back stronger than before.

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